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"Hi, I have purchased three of your DVDs and loved them. They have literally changed my treadmill workouts from a chore to a delight! I am in the process of buying three more, and will most likely be back for even more before long. I am interested in some of the new titles that I see you have in the works. Please put me in your "Wants new titles" folder. Thanks for such an innovative product. (and I bet you have fun making them, too!) Kate"

"Hello, Just wanted to let you know I'm still walking every day and it's because of your videos. I love every minute of my walk now. When I look down at the time I've spent walking and see 10 minutes have gone by I can't believe it. I feel like I've just started. I've increased my speed now and I really feel physically fit and I believe will be going a full hour pretty soon. I love the scenery. I love everything about the video's. And I am looking forward to purchasing the rest of your videos once they are done. Nancy"

"Hi! My husband and I just absolutely enjoyed your walking tour of Rome... neither of us can believe how quickly our workout flew by! It was almost as great as being there!! We've already purchased the rest of the Italy dvd's and would love to know if and when you plan to release any more...either of Italy or France. I would buy them right away!!! Thank you so much...keep traveling and making these wonderful dvd's. It really helps us to want to stay in shape! Arlene"

"Just a quick question. When will the new DVD’s be released? I am really looking forward to purchasing several of the newer ones. I am exercising daily now and attribute my new energy to the beautiful views I watch as I use the treadmill. Once again – THANK YOU. Norma"

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Your Patrons Will Thank You!

This unique set of 10 European Virtual Walk DVDs was specifically designed to help motivate your library's patrons in their quest to lose weight and stay fit and healthy. Using these Virtual Walk DVDs while exercising on treadmills, ellipticals, or Nordic Tracks, your patrons will be able to "take walks" in some of the most beautiful and historic locations in Europe. Rome, Venice, London, the Cotswolds, Amalfi - who wouldn't want to exercise by walking in Europe? To watch clips from the 10 DVDs, Click Here.

We've sold thousands of these Virtual Walk DVDs to satisfied customers here in the US and all over the world. Customers tell us over and over that these unique European Virtual Walk DVDs help motivate them to use their exercise equipment and make the time spent on treadmills or exercise bikes pass quickly! (Read some of our Customers' comments in the lower left column.)

For Libraries in the United States, VITA Digital Productions is offering a set of our 10 most popular Virtual Walk DVDs for a special price of only $99.95 with Free Priority Shipping to the USA. That's 33% off the price if purchased individually.

This Set consists of 10 of our most popular Virtual Walk DVDs: (Click on each title for a more detailed description of that DVD.)

  1. "Rome, La Dolce Vita," begins on the elegant Via Veneto, forever linked to the movie, “La Dolce Vita.” Walking the Via Veneto at a leisurely pace, the viewer passes luxury hotels and restaurants with their unique glass-enclosed outdoor cafes. The walk continues through the narrow streets of the Campo de’ Fiori, dodging Italians on their Vespas and others out to enjoy an evening stroll.
  2. "A Morning in Venice," takes the viewer on a 30 minute Virtual Walk in Venice on a spring day as the city comes to life in the early morning. As the camera follows the narrow twisting passageways, you can almost smell the cappuccino and taste the freshly baked pastries as vendors open their shops. Further along, the camera passes gondoliers in their traditional garb awaiting passengers.
  3. "The Appian Way," takes the viewer on a 30 minute walk on the most famous road in the world. Built in 312 B.C. by the Censor Appius Claudius Caecus, the camera passes over the original basalt stones which have witnessed over two thousand years of history - and the very stones that both St. Paul and St. Peter walked on their way into Rome.
  4. "Enchanting Burano," takes the viewer on a 33 minute Virtual Walk along the main canal on the most colorful island in the Venetian Lagoon. Forever known for its hand-made lace, today Burano is alive with a rich culture unique to this small island in the Adriatic. This is a village truly made for artists.
  5. "English Countryside," takes the viewer on a 30 minute Virtual Walk through Kent, known as the “Garden of England.” Starting in the picturesque village of Eynsford, the camera passes several half-timbered cottages before setting out through the countryside and past several farms. Crossing a small bridge, the viewer enters the quaint village of Shoreham where a horse and rider are taking a stroll.
  6. "London Waterways," takes the viewer on a 30 minute walk through two beautiful ( but often overlooked ) sections of London. It begins in “Little Venice,” a section of the Regent’s Canal known for its unique Narrowboats decorated with colorful folk art. Then onto the New River Walk, a small, beautifully landscaped park in the fashionable Canonbury section of London.
  7. "Amalfi Excursion," begins high in the “Valley of the Paper Mills,” overlooking the town of Amalfi and the Mediterranean. As the old stone walkway curves gently and sweeps downhill, the camera passes lemon groves and then enters the ancient town of Amalfi filled with day tourists. Crossing the Piazza Flavio Gionia, and past outdoor cafes, this widescreen Virtual Walk ends at a small isolated beach.
  8. "Cotswold Villages Walk - Part 1" takes the viewer on a 60 minute walk through four Cotswold villages: Chipping Campden, Broadway, Lower Slaughter, and Upper Slaughter. On the way, the viewer will pass sheep-filled meadows, tranquil streams, and a quaint old mill. The hour long widescreen walk ends beside the River Eye.
  9. "Cotswold Villages Walk - Part 2" takes the viewer on another 60 minute walk through five more Cotswold villages: Snowshill, Stanton, Bourton-on-the-Water, Bibury, and ends in arguably the most scenic village of all, Castle Combe - featured in the new motion picture, "Stardust."
  10. "The Four Seasons," will take viewers on a widescreen 60 minute Virtual Walk through the forest during each of the seasons - starting with summer, then autumn, winter, and ending with springtime.

And each of the 10 DVDs features a separate BONUS CHAPTER - 4 to 16 minutes in length - with a featurette on the locale of that DVD. To watch clips from the 10 DVDs, Click Here.

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Your Library's patrons will thank you!